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The Chapman Family chose to be a part of the transportation era when George Chapman opened the Ford business in Plain City in 1913. George had been in the grocery business, but had a love for automobiles that gave him the drive to open one of the first auto dealers in central Ohio. Now, almost 100 years later, 4 generations of Chapman’s have continued to sell Ford products. The Chapman’s are also involved in additional Union County businesses while supporting hundreds or thousands of local social activities and community organizations along the way.

George Butler Chapman opened his first Ford store in the old auction building in Plain City, and later in 1918 built a new modern facility by the current location of the Plain City Library. In 1935, his son, Bob Chapman, built a new building and took over the business in downtown Plain City. Bob also opened a Firestone Store, sold Plymouths and Chryslers, manufactured motor homes, sold and serviced airplanes, and operated a few Taco Bell restaurants. Bob built another new facility in 1946 at the edge of town, and his friend Frenchy Houchard became his partner in operating their new Plain City Airport. As they were adding airports to Marysville and London, Bob served on the original Union County and Madison County airports founding boards .

In 1978, the Chapman’s moved to a new facility in Marysville (conveniently near the airport) and generation 3, Bob Chapman Jr., became the dealer. Not too many businesses make into the 3rd generation, but the Chapman’s have been fortunate to have been with a company, Ford Motor Company, who has been able to weather the economics of a changing world and continue to design and build a great line of products. Bob Jr.’s son, Joseph, is now the 4th generation dealer and continuing in his Great-Grandfather’s footsteps. The proven age-old formula is still being applied, “provide a great product at a fair price and support your customers with an excellent, personal, service experience.”

While we celebrate the longevity of Ford and our family business, we are really celebrating our desire and resources to continue to reinvent ourselves in the rapidly changing world. I like to think of Ford today as the “New Ford” or “Ford 2.0.” We have leadership, new products, exciting innovation and a commitment to build “best in class” value and mileage into each new Ford – the new Fusion Hybrid is one example as well as our new Taurus, Fiesta, and Mustang.

Now is the time and this is the place to take a new look at a New Ford 2.0 – Bob Chapman Family Ford – 4 generations and a 106 year old partner!

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